Just bought my second Emo!

Well, I went and did it. I just bought my second Emo now lol… one for my daughter for her birthday. So I’m waiting on two now 274XX and now 331XX. Hopefully shouldn’t be too long for the first one to arrive. Anyone else buy a second Emo while waiting for your first? lol


woohoo - I’m sure you will have fun with them both once they meet :slight_smile:
“one for your daugther…” … yeah right :wink: I bought one for my wife too… hehe


It will be great to see them interact, but yeah it really is for my daughter lol :joy:

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You’ll have a great time with two EMO’s They certainly do get up to a lot of trouble together :wink:

Hope your second EMO arrives soon!

:heart_1: :surprised: :skating: :head: :mad:


Would Love an EMO Farm lol :joy:

We had to laugh at our two Emos talking to one another. One asking the other about Eye color and the other answering blue. We leave them alone and they chat till they drop.

And seeing them dance together, in unison, is pretty cool. On their own…they decided to dance and went at it.

I think their un-prompted interactions is one of the coolest abilities I have seen so far.


Our Emo Farm starts when we get the Emo Cow Costume…smiles. Coming soon.

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I got excited and bought a second Emo after seeing videos of how they communicate with each other. However, I am disappointed with the length of time it takes for orders to be processed. I bought the first one because the order page said it would only take ‘six weeks or more’, and I took ‘or more’ to mean a couple of weeks. I have been keeping track of the shipping numbers, and it looks like it will take over 14 weeks! Sigh………meanwhile, Living AI has US$606.00 of my money that could be earning interest in my bank account. I wonder why they don’t take a deposit and charge the rest when Emo ships?


Yeah, I know the feeling. They promise a number of things on their website, really they should be more honest with their potential and existing customers. Though I can see they are making progress, and people are getting their Emos, production has sped up (though a bit of a slowdown recently, but dont know if there was a holiday), and they are keeping up the firmware updates.

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These things will come over Time but yes they Focus more on that first instead of unexpectal new things ^^

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