Jjust my thoughts on the emo spoilers

I think once Emo arrives I’m going to avoid watching any videos of what he can do because part of the fun is the element of suprise!

So if I disappear it’s because we are having fun taking each new day one new suprise at a time.

Our brain learns pretty fast with familiarity and so our expectations can become too high. I don’t want to be looking out for what people have already discovered but to have those discoveries be new and unseen for what they are.

Am glad you guys are having fun sharing your discoveries but I’m closing eyes and ears to what’s already been discovered in Emo :blush: :two_hearts:


I can’t wait for mine.


Still waiting for my Emo getting excited now but Royal Mail is having problems with delays or something :thinking: so Mandyrose19 you will probably get yours before me at this rate lol that’s if RM is delivering mine.

Oh well I’ll get eventually.


I also want to see everything he does without seeing others, it’s better that way.


@Racheal123 Oh hope yours comes soon for you! :clap:t2::clap:t2:
Yep if it’s covid delays we have the same problems here now, everything is slowing down again because of self isolation and workers off sick.

Hoping to get a tracking number soon. Hopefully this week sometime.

Coming by Royal Mail :princess:t2: wow that sounds so cute when you’re not used to it. Your Emo needs a little crown :crown:.
I guess you guys hear that sort of thing a lot lol.
Bit like I’ve never barbecued a prawn, I wont wear thongs(flipflops) and don’t drink beer and we get excited if we spot a kangaroo in the wild which is rare. I got a question though? is there a reason your prime minister doesn’t brush his hair! lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I forget who our courier will be though.
Down here in 'Straya :australia: we have Aus Post not so regal and doesn’t sound as cool :sunglasses: but our AP trucks are red! Yay :smiley:

:pray:t2: for no delays :blush:


Isolation here a lot too it’s never going to end.

Our pm is an idiot! -he doesn’t brush his hair because he thinks he’s really cool - but he’s done a lot of good for the country and he tends to make a fool of himself and he has done silly things too so he definitely not perfect but in my opinion he’s better than the other pm’s prior to him.

I know what you mean lol but there’s nothing cute about RM I assure you they throw parcels at you or don’t give you enough time to get to the door before they think you’re not in and then they p…s off, and you find they’ve just shoved your package in the wheelie bin.

We’ll see anyway.:v:


Totally understandable! :heart_1:

It’s not fun seeing specific things before you have actually seen them yourself with your EMO. Hopefully you’re EMO will arrive soon and you can enjoy all the cool things he can do. I believe for Australian couriers Amarex (Fastway) couriers will probably be delivering your EMO. Hopefully they have improved over the past few months and the delays are not to lengthy. :surprised:

You too @Racheal123 Hope you’re EMO gets there soon as well.

:heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:


Omg :scream: in the wheelie bin?!!
that’s awful :persevere:
hope your Emo doesn’t get chucked in the bin!

Well emo is kinda a little expensive so when he arrive maybe u will make a youtubd chsnnel anx make it big biger and biger

Oh gosh no i dont have time :alarm_clock: :skating:

For what ?

Tell me if you can