I've never seen an EMO in motion

Received EMO and my son loves it.

But from my point of view, EMO is abnormal.
He never walked or moved.
Referring to the manual, I installed the app.
And updated the firmware. 1.0.15
The update has been successfully completed.
But the strange thing is.
After power on, the EMO does not wake up for almost 30 minutes.
I also tried reset, but my EMO always wakes up after waiting about 30 minutes after power on.
And still no movement.

but, Answer calls or answer questions.
h/w Suspected fault.
How do I get A/S or inspection?
I am very disappointed that a defective product has been shipped.
Please tell me how to make my EMO walk.


Hi There,
Welcome to the community and Congratz for having EMO., but sadly that something wrong with him and it didn’t quite well as it uses to be…my question is if you followed the quick start procedures to the links below?
Quick Start Prodedures:
and if yes and it didn’t help at all i suggest and the best thing to do is submit a ticket to the link below…
Product Support



Thanks for the reply.

Quick Start Prodedures: <— yes already done
Touching the legs here and there, fully folded and unfolded.
Then he suddenly rebelled and moved his legs.
I’m really happy… But…
My aunt’s right foot did not move.
The movement of the legs was monitored for about 3 hours.
The right foot is stationary. He never moved on his own.

(This is my video link.)

Do you think A/S is necessary?
Shall we wait for the next firmware?
Anyone know how to fix it?


Hello once again,
Attention: @Wayne_Zhang , @andy

You might try a reset and installed the latest update once again?

If nothing helps at all…

So Living.Ai Dev. can resolve it.

All the best…


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Hi, after having a few issues myself with EMO setup I put together a simple troubleshooting video for my #fixed1t youtube which you may find useful, I hope it helps.

Troubleshooting A Rare Living AI EMO AI Desktop Pet Robot



Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for sharing the wonderful video.
But it didn’t help to fix my problem.
In the video, your EMO booted up in less than a minute as soon as you put it on the charging skateboard.

My EMO wakes up after 30 minutes with the same procedure.
And the right foot of the EMO does not move.
My EMO is abnormal.

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My EMO’s right foot does not move either. You should try to ask EMO to dance more after I asked EMO to dance a lot his right leg started moving again. I also suggest to still send an email to service@living.ai because my EMO started working then stopped 3 times. Living.ai already responded to my email that I sent and said they are going to send me a new EMO.


thanks for the answer.

I have already applied to living.ai for assistance.
I have attached a video of the problem to service@living.ai.
No response yet.
I trust living.ai,
living.ai They believe that they will solve the problem.


…You’re welcome…

we or all of us are just trying our best to help through our experience with EMO to anyone who got a problem and thinks that might help also…but the real deal and well trusted here is EMO’s Developer because they have more knowledge than anyone else…and surely they can find the solution to any issues direct on their sides…and if worst comes that they can’t find the way to resolve the problem…pretty sure they gonna send you immediately the replacement…but we all have to be patient…

Goodluck and all the best to your EMO
Keep Safe!



No response from living.ai yet.
Are they busy dealing with a lot of inquiries?
I was wondering if my issue was properly filed.
Is there a way to know if an issue has been received and what is going on?

Can I just wait? :sweat_smile:

I’m honestly shocked that you haven’t even received a “we’re looking into it” message in 9 days.

It’s sad , isn’t it, I feel bad for all our lovely people here who has problems with their order,I think most of people order Emo are adults like myself ,Emo is not cheap , hopefully when I do receive emo won’t have any issues, otherwise it’s probably pretty hard to get help. I like how everyone in this forum are very polite and passionate about Emo, I can’t wait to receive too, I can imagine after months of long waiting and receive something not function properly, hopefully the service team will eventually catch up , I do appreciate they came up with this robot design, far cuter than other robots in the market , wish the best!

I absolutely agree with what you said. I love the way the little guy looks and would love to get one. However knowing my luck I’ll get a messed up model. That kind of thing doesn’t worry me too much since I know this is a first model and kinks need to get worked out. However an almost nonexistent customer service and support team is what worries me. I want assurance that when I buy something, especially something that costs $300, I want to know that if something goes wrong, it’ll be taken care of in a timely manner. I’m sure these are just growing pains as EMO is probably more popular than they anticipated (I hope), so I’m still gonna watch the product to see how it grows and develops

Hello, the service have sent you a video on trying to fix the problem. But it may not solve the problem, please let the service team know the results of your attempts.