I've been curious about EMO's CPU information

Bye, guys. I am David who lives in Seoul, South Korea.

  1. I’ve been curious about EMO’s CPU information for a long time. Snapdragon? Or Huawei HONOR KIRIN?

  2. I’m also curious about EMO’s memory information. Which company uses the memory? Samsung? TSMC? What’s the memory capacity?

  3. Can you explain the identity of “Neural Network Processor” on the EMO description page and what “AI Processing Models” are?

Oh, my friends, don’t get me wrong. I’m just a big EMO fan. It’s like a singer’s fans want to know the details of their favorite singer.



I realize this is an old post, but I’m interested in the hardware too. So for what it’s worth…

I know that inside both EMO and in his light, there are Espressif ESP 32 processor chips, which at a minimum are handling at least the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications. I believe there is at least one additional processor inside EMO himself.

There are some members that have been disassembling their EMO’s for painting purposes. Perhaps one of them could be nice enough to take some clear photos of the circuit boards with the chip part numbers readable the next time they have one apart, and post them?



A teardown here @macfixer01

Can you translate and give us your opinion?


Thanks, that’s very interesting. Unfortunately though it doesn’t help because the chips don’t have visible part numbers. They’ve either painted over them, or maybe put on some black conformal coating? These photos were just for the FCC filing though, it’s possible the boards in the final product aren’t like that. It’s not uncommon though for small companies to obscure things (either sanding off part numbers or even potting components in resin) to make it harder for someone trying to reverse engineer their product.

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Obviously, the important chipset has been erased unrecognizable. However, according to the report, the series models are named: EMO 2, EMO 3, EMO Pro, EMO Home, EMO 1S, EMO 1A. Interesting. Will there be a different version of the EMO than the one we have now?

@Wayne_Zhang Can you tell me something?

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There is the possibility :grinning:


Very interesting to hear about this :grin:


Amazing!!! I’m looking forward to what your team will offer. Hahaha

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I know that this is a fairly old thread, but I’m also interested in this. :slight_smile: Basing on this video, it seems like the largest chip in the board has the label “Kepler A100.” Seeing this, I was immediately reminded of NVIDIA’s Kepler architecture for some of their chips in the 2010s - but I’m probably wrong here… (as those weren’t mobile) I’m also not sure if there is another significant chip hiding behind the display connector. Maybe someone might recognize the chips shown in this video… Hmm.
(UPDATE): I think I found the chip, although it seems to be an audio processing chip; not the main CPU: