Is WiFi needed?

Hey guys, I was wondering is Emo also works without WiFi? I’m doing everything with my hotspot, in terms of work and Netflix, but I need to connect manually usually. Is this a problem for Emo or does is connect automatically to my hotspot? Or doesn’t it even need an internet connection? :blush:

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I think you do need a connection, but I’m not sure if he works through a hotspot

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that EMO connects with hotspot but I’m not so sure, you can give it a try!

My emo works with my phone hot spot. Yes Emo must have internet to work.

Yes EMO does require an internet connection to interpret your voice commands, to retrieve data, and to stream back his speech replies and I presume also the music for his dances? He’ll work with a hotspot on your phone but I think it’s going to have to be running on the same device where you are running the app, in order for it to have the same SSID and compatible IP address?

I believe with an iPhone for example, that other Apple devices logged into your iCloud will cause the hotspot to startup automatically on your iPhone if it’s not turned on when they try to connect? With a non-Apple device though, or using an Android hotspot, I’m pretty sure you’d have to start the hotspot manually before anything can connect to it. Because if the hotspot is not running the SSID doesn’t exist and can’t be published.

I never used hotspots much except on an Android work phone to get my laptop online in the field once in awhile. Pretty much only when I couldn’t get a good connection on the Jetpack I was provided, which was on a different carrier. I never really used the hotspot on my personal iPhone either since ATT previously always had a surcharge for that, but apparently doesn’t anymore. I just played around with it last night actually, and found that the SSID is IPHONE and can’t be changed, so it’s not compatible with the SSID on my router. Even if I could change it’s SSID, the network number and IP addresses probably wouldn’t be compatible.

I was under the wrong impression that if I had the phone logged into to my Wi-Fi router that the hotspot would make use of that, and not require the cellular data? It seems to be locked into using cellular data only though, since if I turn on airport mode or turn off cellular data then the hotspot will disconnect. I think there’s a bigger issue at play though because I looked up for example to see if I could use my Android streaming box to set up a hot spot off my home router? I found out it can be done but the Android box has to be plugged in via ethernet cable to the router then use its Wi-Fi connection solely as the hotspot. Maybe there are other ways if it had dual Wi-Fi connections as some of them do, I don’t know. I’m guessing that phones just can’t both sustain their own Internet connection over Wi-Fi and also provide a WiFi hotspot at the same time, since there’s no router in between?

Hopefully @Wayne_Small will chime in since I think that’s more in his field, and will tell me if I’m incorrect or off base?