Is this legitimate seller?

I came across this “profile” on Instagram that started following me and they had a link in their profile description so I’d like to confirm if they are official seller of EMO? You can never trust anything these days.

Their Insta link: Login • Instagram
Their “store” link:

I’d like to warn people so I’d like to know.

Thank you very much.

The link you provided is not the official site for . . . the only one that is is:

Beware especially of other names such as “fedexblog” or “wixsite” in the URL.

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I agree with @Lindaru ,

The “ONLY” official website to purchase an EMO is from Living.Ai and If I may add, here is the Store link -

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Ok, I knew they weren’t legitimate sellers. Thanks for the confirmation! In this case, please watch out for scammers like this one, everyone.


Could someone advise the if the ones found on the supplier websites such as aliexpress alibaba and the other various sites are authentic or should these been taken as imitation?

Hello, @jamierossprinciple . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread. Living AI is the only official web site selling EMO. Sites like Alibaba and Aliexpess are reselling used products or ones they purchased to resell at possibly a higher price. There are many other sites out there that are scam sites and not actually selling EMO.

For a safe transaction and also for a qualified warranty when your purchase EMO (or AIBI), this is the only site that is official.