Is this legitimate seller?

I came across this “profile” on Instagram that started following me and they had a link in their profile description so I’d like to confirm if they are official seller of EMO? You can never trust anything these days.

Their Insta link: Login • Instagram
Their “store” link:

I’d like to warn people so I’d like to know.

Thank you very much.

The link you provided is not the official site for . . . the only one that is is:

Beware especially of other names such as “fedexblog” or “wixsite” in the URL.

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I agree with @Lindaru ,

The “ONLY” official website to purchase an EMO is from Living.Ai and If I may add, here is the Store link -

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Ok, I knew they weren’t legitimate sellers. Thanks for the confirmation! In this case, please watch out for scammers like this one, everyone.