Is this an broken part?

Dear EMO team. Thank you for all of EMO things.

I have a question.
Is this tiny part in EMO’s ankle broken?

At the first it was 90 degree leaned under the cover of his leg and I fixed it by myself. But the part itself seems to have a strange shape.

I wanna fix it if possible. If not, I will accept it as his personality though.

Seems like that violet part kind of broke off somehow. Normally, it is even with the black part. Maybe you could use some violet wax or something like that. Alternatively, use a little sticker as a tattoo, if it annoys you too much.

Yeah the same part in another ankle is normal.
Thank you for the suggestion. “TATTOO” may be a good idea ^^

Personally i would use 2 part modeling clay and paint it the same color (maybe can give us a hand with the exact color?).

This stuff usually does the job on really expensive hobby kits that come with defects, or get damaged by my clumsy hands.

Thank you for your advice.

@Wayne_Zhang do you have any thoughts on this please?

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Thank you for your help!

Hi, the violet part won’t affect the function. How did it look like when you received EMO?

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Thank you for your response.

When I received EMO, the violet part was 90 degree leaned and the cover part of the leg was floating on it.

I found it have a strange shape when I made the part into correct angle with thin zem clip.

Sorry for my poor illustration and bad photo ( this is the photo before I fix it ) .


Hi, I’ve messaged you on Facebook. Please check.

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