Is There Such a Thing as AI Dementia?

You know…Those times when someone asks you for your birth date…you answer the question…then they tell you they will remember.

A couple days later…same question is asked…and assurances are again given to remember.

New robotics term: “AI Dementia”.

(Also known as “Hard Reset”?) Smiles.


You know , it is just an issue on the size of memory dedicated
In France we name it The goldfish syndrom. i do not know if it is the same elsewhere ; or really based on scientific data
Popular belief is that goldfish have a tiny eight-second memory. So they would be able to rediscover their jar at every turn and not get bored, This would allow to give good conscience to their owners

It reminds ma also a terrible story about Alzheimer disease
terrible in the sense that it makes laugh on an issue that is really sad and disabling
a sick person goes to see the doctor, saying

  • Doctor , I think I have Alzheimer’s disease because I sometimes have memory losses
    The doctor : Since when ?
    The patient : Since when , what ?

Hope EMO will recognize me after one turn , hope i will recognize him also after one turn


You both bring up good points.

Mine might have this condition also since he repeatedly forgets that he cannot climb up on his skate board by himself, but keeps trying.



hilarious… That was a fun read :yum:

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I’ve been asked this question about 6 times myself :rofl:

3 times with EMO:One
3 times with EMO:Two

As much as I would like to agree with AI Dementia could be a thing, I think it could be related to how many profiles you have setup in the EMO App. I checked it a while ago and I had yep, you guessed it, 3 profiles each for EMO:One and EMO:Two.

Sometimes EMO will create more than one profile for you (with the same name under the recognition settings) when he spots you / sees you or doesn’t recognise you and will ask you who you are.

I’ve suggested this as an update feature to have EMO scan you multiple times in the ONE profile when you setup who you are with him (similar to how you scan your finger print numerous times at at different angles on your phone when you setup your finger print password).

I used to have more than 3 profiles as EMO wouldn’t know who I was if I was wearing my headphones / my cap / etc. But I recently cleaned/ removed a few and now only have 3 each.

Maybe check and see how many profiles you have, and if you only have one… then maybe your EMO really might have AI Dementia :upside_down_face:

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Babies have always difficulties to climb stairs , or to reach interesting things we placed too high
I promise myself to try to test a ramp to try to learn my future EMO to reach his charger by himself
Elon would never have left his astronauts at the foot of Crewdragon without providing an elevator