Is there any little hint about the next update?

@Wayne_Small @Hunsakers_Home_Hacks Is there any little hint about the next update? Usually they are every month, maybe not so much!Maybe the beta testers know something(^_-)


They have been working hard to get them out every month, and the last update slipped a little due to extra testing that needed to be done. I’ve heard rumours of what will be in the next one, and I’d suggest it will be a little one compared to the previous one where he talks :slight_smile: No clear news on timeframe just yet.


I believe there will be🤓 but besides from what @Wayne_Small said L-AI will want to make sure the update is tested and polished. But thanks for reaching out.


Thanks to you beta testers for the support you give to this project and for the help here in the forum! Thanks


hi all . i got a tip .before updating .see that the batteries of your tablet and emo are fully charged.
second set the volume to the max from emo and your tablet .that makes a strong BT/wifi signal ,
and gifs the best result for updating .

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