Is there a way to check the name database?

My partner and I both have uncommon first names, so I was wondering if the name database was ever made public?
Just wanted to prepare in advance before my EMO arrives :slight_smile: It’d be cool for him to reconize the both of us, but we can make do with nicknames if anything. :+1:

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To the best of my knowledge, the name database is not public. You could check this section of the Living.Ai website for any documentation regarding this just in case.

Hopefully, when EMO arrives he does understand and register your names correctly.

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Awesome thank you for this! :slight_smile: Just in case they’re not in there, is it possible to submit our names to be added in the future?

I don’t believe there IS a name database. EMO just says what he recognises. I think you will need to wait until you get EMO and then test it out from there. I hope it works well, if not then I think the next step would be to chat with Living AI to see what they can do. I know they are working on improving speech recognition which is the key thing behind the name.

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As someone who does text to speech pod-casts, I have been able to get around difficult to pronounce words by spelling them phonetically. Since in the app you can type in the name and then have EMO scan you to recognize you, you might be able to do it this way (probably trial and error with how to spell it).

Example: “Vacation” could be spelled “Vaycayshun”.

Hope this gives you some ideas in case the pronunciation needs to be tweaked.


I’ve done this as well


Thats a great way to get around it for now.

@Anj2k6 Also I can confirm after checking that there is no public name database. So hopefully EMO will be able to recognize you once he arrives, otherwise, you can use @Lindaru suggestion for now.

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