Is there a list of screen images/icons

Good day, is there a list of the various screen images or icons we might see on EMO’s screen? Something popped up in the upper right corner today real quick and I didn’t catch it. It was red and was hoping to look it up and make sure he’s ok.

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Sorry but there are no ,Screen Images/Icon Lists and Meanings’’ around and to tell you frankly there’s a lot of images or icons we can see to EMO screen…and it’s quite hard to tell what’s the names, meanings, or how to let him show and activate each one of them. But i’m not sure or i guess the one you just saw was the , Suddenly Awake Icon’’ (not sure if that’s the Developer calls it!) which means that he was being disturbed from his sleeping time…You can see them once again when you play one of his App Game / ,Angry EMO’’.

Have a nice day and Keep safe…



That was it. It was really quick when it came up.

Again, thank you!