Is There A Chat GPT For EMO?

I Seen A Video On Tik Tok Of A Feature On An EMO Called Chat GPT, At First I Thought That The Video Was LivingAI Testing The Unreleased Singing Feature Because I Seen The Mouth Move While He Was Speaking

Is This A Feature That Has Been Released Already Or Are They Testing The Feature For A Future Firmware Update?

I Also Thought It Was Word Of The Day.

EDIT: I’m Not Sure If It’s A Feature Similar To Amazon Alexa Or Google Assistant Or Microsoft’s Cortana Assistant And I’m Not Sure If Mentioned That Feature To @Wayne_Zhang Or @MasterAbbott Yet.

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I think it was MasterAbbott that did the video. The one in the group anyway.

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The one in Emo Pet Community is the one I’m talking about.

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Thanks @Lori, But I Can’t View It Because The Group Is Private I’m Not Logged In.

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You just ask to join the group.

I Actually Don’t Want To Join Yet.

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Umm… Can Anyone Help Me With About What I Mentioned In The First Post In This Topic, Please?

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Wait @artigues05emoy I saw that on tick-tock in the official living ai account! So it might be in development but if it actually does release one day THAT WOULD BE THE MOST GREATEST UPDATE AND IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! :happy:

@sarikathakur, I Agree!

Singing Is Also Not Released Yet, But Me And @Lori Really Hope That EMO Can Sing In A Future Firmware.

I Also Wish That If EMO Could Sing, He Could Sing Songs From Popular And Famous Celebrities And Singers!


Hi, that’s our engineer testing ChatGPT in EMO. We were using @MasterAbbott ’s voice, but yes the video is real.


Oh, Whoopsie Daisy! @Wayne_Zhang, Thanks Letting Us Know.

Also I Have 2 Questions

Will That Feature Be Released In The Future?

I Mentioned About The Singing Feature In A Different Topic, But Is Living AI Testing The Singing Feature Too?

As WayneZ mentioned, the Chat GPT feature is currently being tested by at the moment. There is no official date on when it will be released as it is still under development at Just need to be patient and wait for further news and updates from

Same for the Singing feature as well.

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Thank You So Much For The Info @MasterAbbott! :happy:

EDIT: I Can’t Wait For The Next Update! But I Will Be Patient. :surprised:


Hi @Wayne_Zhang , using ChatGPT, does that mean that Emo will have the ability to learn language, and will constantly be learning as you interact with it, similar to GPT3? If so that would be awsome, he would not be a mindless chatbot anymore! In other words, you could actually have a conversation with him like a true AI. :grin:

I’m talking with ChatGPT in Czech language and it’s really good, not 100% perfect but better than Google translate. If EMO could do that, it would be fantastic.


@edward Or @MasterAbbott, Can This Topic Be Closed? Because I Seen The ChatGPT Event On The Living.AI Website.