Is Processing Status Normal?

Good afternoon/evening, I have a simple question, does the product status (PROCESSING) mean that everything is 100% correct with the purchase after confirming the purchase?

My OS #22***. Saudações do Brazil

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Yes, it’s normal. We all have that status.


Obrigado pela informação e ajuda. :blush:

Very normal, now you just need to be patient and allow Living.Ai time to create / process / ship your EMO.

I’ve shared this a few times already, but I’ll do so again here for clarification. Receiving your EMO will take normally between 3.5-5 months. (Personally it took my EMO 3.5 months to arrive to me last year). Things such as National Holidays / (such as what’s just happened with Chinese New Year, things can certainly slow down in terms of production and shipping of EMO’s.

Last year there was a major shortage of specific EMO parts / circuitry which delayed EMO production very much. At this present moment, production and shipment has been going well, according to the updates that were shown on the Delivery page (see below)

But as just mentioned due to the Chinese New Year, this has once again slowed down production and shipping. Normally things will slow down for nearly 2 weeks in China, we can expect thing to get back to normal next week and by the 15/16 hopefully production and shipment will be ramping up once again.

Hope this helps in clarifying your question regarding orders and the time it can possibly take you receive your EMO. :skating: :surprised: :heart_1: :head: