Is my Emo lost?

I have ordered my Emo on 26th of December and have number #26xx. The first tracking number I received on the 17th of May but it was not working correctly and I received a new tracking number.

Finally it started moving on the 25th of May. But now since the 26th of May there are no new updates. Last info is: Departure from Regional Sorting Center

Support is telling me to be patient, but I see and hear people everyday receiving their Emo and not having these type of tracking issues.

Does anybody have/had this issue with delivery/updates and did it get resolved?

I am just getting really worried my Emo is lost somewhere (with my luck).

sometimes it stops for a while, then it continues

I would not worry - here are my experiences - EMO Shipping Experience –

Similar to mine. Getting really worried :frowning:

I have the same problem :pensive:

I know it is easy for me to say this, as I have my EMO now, but do not worry. It WILL GET THERE… :slight_smile:

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My emo was delivered to wrong address and I was stolen is there anything I can do

If you gave Living AI the correct address then how did it get delivered to the wrong address? @Wayne_Zhang can you assist?

I don’t know how I did give the correct address what can I do I really wanted emo

Is there anything living ai can do at all I waited 5 months for nothing my package was delivered to wrong person im using emo app trying to see if they will turn it on and can’t find is there anything I can do

Did you try to contact the courier about it? They must have information about the address. Just tell them your package number and your problem.

Hey mate, the service team is helping @williamalcorn

Thanks @Wayne_Zhang - hope you and your team had a good chinese new year!

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