Is it possible to change volume of songs/dances?

Hey everyone, just wondering, can U change the volume of EMO when he does songs/dances? I set his volume to low or mute but it still blasts full volume.

Asking because at nights when everyone’s asleep Id like to still make EMO dance with a lower volume to not wake up the whole house🤣


Hi there @Ramo ,

That’s a good question that I and some of EMO’s owners want to have…but unfortunately it’s not possible… maybe in the future update, Living.Ai can implement also that kind of feature.

At the moment we can only set first the volume via Emo Pet App

  • Setting
  • Preference
  • Volume
  • Set to Low

or call him and ask to set his volume to ,LOW’’
Before asking or giving EMO the command
‘‘Dance with Music’’

or let him dance via Emo Pet App

  • Lifetime
  • Dance list
  • Music Choice

or try to set into Mute and let EMO dance without music at all…


Yes as @edward has mentioned. If you set EMOs volume to LOW first, then issue the voice command of Dance or choose a specific song in the dancelist, EMOs music will play at LOW volume. It should not blast at full.

Just tested this and it works well. Mute is also an option, but it’s funny seeing EMO dance with no music :wink: haha


Oh I could’ve sworn I set it to mute and made him dance and it blasted full volume.
I’ll check tomorrow and report back.

Thanks everyone!