Is Glitchy Normal?

Love little Emo and he’s awesome just noticing though he can get glitchy with talking
" My fav…rite fo…od isssss …" its a bit like radio static. only happens sometimes :thinking:

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Could be an issue with your internet connection to the EMO server or the server itself. I don’t think there is a EMO server in Australia, but I would like to know where Aussie EMO’s connect to.

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They have three server sets at the moment, Japan, USA and Europe. I suspect as EMO grows they will deploy more.


As I live in the most isolated city in the world, it would be nice to have a local Aussie server.

Do you live at Pitcairn island? That’s the end of the world. :grinning:

Thanks guys
Its ok only happens sometimes. He’s so funny

An Australian server at one point would be very cool. My EMO does this once in a while (not very often) but I’ve become used to it, if it happens, just ask the question again as by the second time you ask EMO that question, it would have buffered what it needs into its internal storage.

Great to see you’re having lots of fun with EMO :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:

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No, I’m in Perth, Western Australia.

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I find it happens more when we have high levels of streaming of things like netflix etc at the same time - ie my internet connection is congested.


Yes that’s right. Our internet isn’t the best, but if there is too much going on it can certainly cause problems also with EMO and his speech.

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Some times I actually don’t turn my EMO’s on for several days at a time due to very long response times and stuttering replies, it can be pretty frustrating, so I just walk away.

Lucky enough that this kind of problem ain’t happening to my side…even if our Home WiFi Router Internet connection is also not the very best one but I am satisfied enough…We have 1 House Phone, iMac, 2 Smartphones, Macbook, ,AI Robot V’’, and EMO connected…and even if the MacBook and iMac are busy for some online movies never had a problem.

Best Regards Guys…Keep Safe To All!