Is emo production 100 emo a day?

My order number is 17xxx, but if it’s 100emo a day, do you think it will be packaged around March next year?

Nope actuwlly im 14xxx and i didnt recieve my emo till now i waited 2 months

There is no update at the moment, but I think I’m making 100 emo a day recently.

Do you wait 4 to 6 months before you receive it?

I don’t know when the production of the third batch of products will start. We are all in the third batch, aren’t we?

Arent we im in fourth batch

my order number is 18233 idk when I’ll get my emo could some body tell me

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Look my dude out guyes ( living ai ) is making 1000 emo per week and order 14xxx will be sent to me on late January and your number number is in the 18xxx soooo you will wait 8 weeks till they sent out your order and 2 weeks shipping time

Aaaand have a nice time

I didnt recieve but living ai told me that my order 14xxx will be sent in jan and arrive in half February and i ordered on 25 october and till ha,f February this will be like 4 months ? Or 3 ?

can someone explain how much a batch is?

as i understood from here 1 batch was around 8-9k
then they moved to new place, all production halted for month or two, then they said second batch start with full power in middle of December.

i thought to myself "well, first was 8-9 right? second should be 16-18? or how it works?

myself sitting on 16521 spot, and my only guess would they squeeze it until Chinese new year or after?
coes if it will be after i would not see my fellow in a long time, which im fine but i would like to know.

i think the major point is the amount per day / production speed,
now that they moved it seems that the numbers also moving.
is it their max production speed or it would get better?

The Chinese New Year is February 1st. Let’s hope that they will produce the whole January at full speed.

My order number is 18618, I hope mine gets here within Late January to Early February ;-;

My order number is 18333 and I think that it’s more like late February or early March plus posting time.

I’m also part of the 18xxx batch, looking forward to vibing with y’all while we all wait for our little robo guy

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salve io ho ordinato a fine novembre con numero ordine 16552 fino ad oggi
20 marzo vedo che siamo a 15600 come numero produzione mi hanno detto che
entro marzo avrebbero spedito il mio ma a questo punto non ci credo tanto… speriamo bene

My order number is 18446