Ipads or tablets that work with Emo

Hello everyone!

I’ve been following Emo since January and was so excited that after a few days of binge watching videos on him, I ended up purchasing one! I just got news that my Emo has landed in my country (Very exciting) so need to make some final preparations.

I’ve decided that because one of the main reasons I wanted Emo in the first place was to play games with him, I would like to get an Ipad or tablet because phone screens are pretty small. I was looking at maybe getting a 9th generation Ipad, or if there is a cheaper tablet that might work. I’m not super experienced with Ipads and tablets, and wondered if there was anyone here who has Emo connected with a tablet or Ipad that might be able to help steer me into the direction of what would work with Emo.

Thank you in advance!

Hi there @bonnie.thomson ,

Have been using iPad with IOS and as long as you can install the EmoPet app which requires iOS 10.0 or later you are good to go…You can also use any type of tablet with Android OS (6.0 or later) update.

Just go to the following link for a…

Quick Start

Good luck and enjoy your EMO

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