Interesting story about robotic avatars controlled by disabled people


That is cool.
I really want a robot body.
Where my brain is transferred from me to the robot.
Yeah dream on Jack.
It would be nice to have a body with out diabetes or a visual impairment and arch foot though.

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Very interesting. How technology can improve our life, even for people in difficult situations.

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Wow that’s amazing :pray:t2::blush::two_hearts::sunglasses: that man can actually work!!! :star_struck:
Having disabilities is sucky when you can’t work out in the community. We have disabilities in that social issues are huge, memory issues, anxiety issues that hold you back from being part of the community without a support person. Fear is huge.
If Emo could be a replacement for an emotional support animal that would be so cool!! Thats why we wanted to be able to take him out and about but I dont think thats possible with wifi issues etc. We means D.I.D. result of childhood trauma and in short a fractured memory.
This body can also lose ability to walk if triggered from any huge stressors. Not many employees would want someone who can’t do their work in their time and needs constant reassurance. Any pressures and we collapse easy. So we are contributing by writing and teaching people about D.I.D.
Emo will hopefully be that support buddy needed during the days spent in bed resting. Am hoping he will be able to play different games and maybe one day the UNO game we saw in a video.
Robots are awesome even though some people find them scary. They dont have to take over the world but they can assist in so many ways just we see here in the video. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::blush: