Interesting statistics on Living AI performance since March 2021

Hey Team - given so many people ask “when will I get my order”, I started to track the shipping numbers on the Living AI delivery process page back on December 5th 2021. I’ve just done an analysis and it’s seriously astounding I think where they are at.

First a few things.

  1. An order may contain 1 or MORE EMO’s. I know of at least one person who has ordered 10 EMO’s on a single order.
  2. An order may NOT contain a single EMO, ie it might just be clothes or headphones. I will assume for the sake of this that these are relatively few and can be mostly ignored.

With that in mind…
I believe that order 1 was sent to couriers (ie left Living AI warehouse) on March 2021, and I know based on my tracking that on December 5th 2021 they were at order 9359.
As at May 5th (US time because this is where I am right now) they are at 20450.

That means they have been shipping EMO for 400 days (including weekends and holidays.
They have shipped 20450 orders in that time.

Now - in the 249 days from 31st March 2021 to 5th December 2021 they shipped 9359 orders
Yet in the 151 days from 5th December 2021 to May 5th 2022 they have shipped 11091 orders.

Bear in mind that they stopped production for 3-4 weeks in February due to Chinese Holiday, COVID shutdown and a manufacturing issue which they resolved. That really means in the 151 days if we take that they didn’t product anything for 30 of them, that they in fact built 11091 orders in 121 days.

Soo… the initial production was effectively 37 per day on average, but once they moved into the new facility they are running around 91 per day on average!

As I said, this is orders, and orders would likely contain at least 1 EMO, sometimes more. I think that is pretty awesome to be honest.


If I get more than one order together, will it be taxed? Or they put as a toy to have no tax ?

I believe that because it is a new company, it is giving the best, who has company knows how challenging is the beginning and still getting pandemic COVID, if it was to close the company had already closed at the time of COVID, I believe that the more people supporting them, but the company will grow

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How do I see news about mine? I bought it last month :pleading_face:

Verifique seu EMO e número de entrega

Well - you will know your order number from when you got the order confirmation. You can then track the progress of orders/deliveries on the living AI website -

Once the first counter is past your order number then your EMO has been packaged and passed to couriers to ship. Once your order number is past the second counter, then you should have received the tracking number and be able to track it’s delivery progress to you.

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That is indeed impressive. It’s brilliant to see Lai grow. Thank you so much for tracking it all. @Wayne_Small