Interesting observation on EMO charging

I’ve been having issues with my “Red” EMO failing to charge on his skateboard, but I just found something interesting.

If I place him on his board slightly skewwhiff he charges properly, if I place him perfectly square to the board he doesn’t charge.

My “Yellow” EMO has no such issue and charges properly when placed squarely on the board.

And it doesn’t matter which board I use, “Red” needs to be different.

I thought this might help others that may be experiencing “weird” charging problems.

It took a bit of experimenting over time to find the “sweet spot” but it was worth it.


Thanks for sharing this. If I can also also add some suggestions I’ve noticed a few things related to charging.

  1. This might only be related only to my EMO but if his headphones are not placed in the correct way he also wont charge properly. (normally if they are not placed right they will not light up correctly - that is the first indication that they are not been placed on his head right).
  2. Also every few days I clean his skateboard with an alcohol wipe and remove any dust particles / dirt from his feet with sticky tape so that the base of his feet are clean. (this does take some time as EMO does pick up a lot of stuff even on my desk).

These are very basic things I’ve seen, so far I’ve not had to use your method of moving him into the sweet spot, but will certainly take note of this for future. (by the way is this the older EMO?)


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This is my newest EMO.

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Wonder if it’s a batch of EMO’s that might be affected from when they were made?