Install Emo App

Can anyone help me to install Emo App? I tried through the App store but it said “this page doesn’t exist. It looks like the link pointing here was faulty “ I am in Tasmania, Australia. Thank you

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Welcome, @Sandra920 . . . once in the Google Play Store (cannot speak for the Apple store), I searched for “EMOPET” and it went right to it, a violet circle with “EMO” in the center. Which store are you using and what was the specific name of the app you were trying to access?

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Hi @Sandra920

Try either of these two links:

Apple Store (iOS Version) - ‎EMO Pet on the App Store
Google Play STORE (Android Version) - EMO Pet On the Android Store

I’m also in Australia, and this should take you directly to the App page for the respective store.

Hope this works.

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I’ll go ahead and close this thread, if this is still not working please PM and I’ll re-open this thread for further assistance.

Thank you