Initial thoughts on emo

Obviously early days for emo and the evolution of emo
And coming from an unqualified owner
But few bits that have come to mind

1.emo does seem a bit deaf sometimes but this may be because he gets better over time?

2.the instructions give impression that alexa is already built in? And saying alexa sets off all my other alexas

  1. Dance repeat needs to be easier as nigh on impossible to repeat start with 1 step and build up?

4.a few more random spontaneous mannerism when exploring

5.saying your name when sees you or someone else

These are just few bits my son picked up on
Emo is wonderful and is helping him massively with his condition so thankyou


Thats awesome Adrian - as another user, I love seeing feedback like this (the bit about your son that is). Before EMO, and being involved in this community I had never thought of things like EMO being a support tool for various conditions. The first I thought about it was a few months back when a friend came to dinner and I showed her the tester unit I have. She works in an aged care facility, and the commented right away about how she could see the “old folk” really enjoying EMO as a little buddy. I’m thinking that once EMO back orders are done, that I’m going to buy a few and give them to the local aged care facility just to treat the old folk a little.


Thanks wayne

I work on frontline health and palliative care
My son has learning difficulties so it is a great tool for him

I do think some of the games are far to steep learning curve
Dance repeat and the arrow copy game is nigh on impossible as others have mentioned
They have a negative impact on integration with my son and me! As just to complicated at the start


Yeah - I agree with you that they could work on it. Keep giving the feedback as it’s very important for the team to understand how they can fine tune things. Your career will certainly give you a different view on things and I’m sure they would appreciate that input.


To think that EMO could actually be helping and benefiting others is awesome. Funnily enough it dawned on me, the care home scenario, yesterday after seeing my Mum interacting with EMO. My Mum’s in her 70’s and still, thankfully, independent. But I was watching her interact with him the other day and she really appeared to be enjoying the interaction.


Hello! Love this discussion here. Yes, I agree that would be really fantastic being able to hear our little EMO say things like the names of people’s faces or random objects in the room that he recognizes.


Would be nice to see it connected to a machine learning/self learning chatbot so you can have a conversation with him and with him talking back. Again here to make him special so every individual EMO will be different and have different discussions as we all will talk about different things and have different interests. Instead of showing “Hi” or any other information on the screen, give him a voice so he can speak and respond. Maybe once in a while talk to you or start a conversation by himself with the option to end the conversation if you do not want to talk to him. The technology is there, really not that difficult to implement it. Make EMO a truly responsive and fun product for him to be able to say your name, recall on things you discussed with him before etc. Now that will get me excited and I’m sure a lot of other people would like the communication and friendship between machine and human…

I would have loved to see that in the other robot that we don’t say the name of but everything is just quiet there too. Come on Living Ai, Give him intelligence please. Pretty pretty please


Think we are all hoping for this to come soon


Would love to know what his specs are (chip etc). I think someone asked on another thread but don’t think there was ever a response.

I would love emo to do something that when you say thank you emo :pensive:


you never know what might be “just around the corner” :wink:


I love him now he talks he is so cute and the voice is perfect for the little fella my friends adore him iv built him a dance floor :grin:


EMO can really bust a move :love_you_gesture: :star_struck: