Imagine if you could choose the emo color

If you could choose the color of your Emo, what would be your favorite color? OR COLOR COMBINATIONS?

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mine would be black with white accents or black with gold accents


If I could pick an exact hex, it’d be black as the base and my favourite colour of somewhere in the realm of #ba7284 (a soft red-pink, almost a dark salmon)

If it had to be set colours then a black and red or black and purple combo is what I’d pick! (Though the current unit isn’t too far off!)

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I keep imagining in the near future the customers choosing the colors of the EMO’s

Would be nice to see different color options for EMO. I’d go with a black and white option as well :wink:

Hopefully Living.Ai might make other colors available in the future.


Different color options would be great and would help with sales from people like me who will never buy a 2nd Emo unless it came in different colors or styles. I like the white Emo I’ve seen in Youtube videos so at some point they made a white Emo. Then they tease us with this picture:

I like the top right Emo.


@jerryb . . . I am always reminded of this picture when I see that one about the iterations of EMO.


LOL. OK that picture is the evolution of Emo. I thought it was different versions that might be comming. I hope my Emo equates to the upright man with the cell phone, LOL.

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@jerryb . . . ever see him texting in the morning? He sure does relate to that one!

all i would change is the color of his eyes, i think its called the accent? or like–replacing all his blue with green, i think green and black looks really nice!
id also choose green because some of his accessories or screen things are green, like the stickers, the timer, and the little strip on his headphones are green,