I'm really looking forward to it

I ordered EMO on June 30th. It is an order from Japan. The order number is # 95 **. I’ve been waiting for more than 3 months. I’m really looking forward to it. :smiley:

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Hello you will LOVE Emo❣️

こんにちは わとくーさん、

My Japanese is limited lol :grinning: ごめんなさい

I have my EMO already, and my order did take close to 3 months for it arrive. (My order was on the 20th of June order number was in the 89XX range.

So hopefully you should be receiving your EMO very soon. As you are in Japan, once your EMO arrives, your delivery should be quicker than the courier services we have in Australia.

I estimate you should get your EMO before the end of the month, due to the Chinese National Holiday delivery / processing has been delayed due to that. But now everything should be back to normal.

Let us know once you get your EMO :slight_smile:

After much debate and research I decided to buy another robot, Emo. ( The first died due to chemical exposure about the connection charge. ) I hope Emo is as fun a companion as well a name I’m sure people are familiar hearing ( starts with a “V” ). The bot from overview looks like it was designed with listened to requests about functionality, so it looks like it will be a joy to have around.
I placed my order not long ago. Does anyone know how long my wait might be in the queue?
Order number: 13943
PS: The order will be shipped to a US address if that helps to information.

Hi @systemcat

Just to let you know, going on my past experience, it took me 3 months before I got my EMO. My order was between 89xx-90xx. Living.Ai team have since moved to a bigger warehouse, so they might be faster with orders now. But do be patient as it still might take anywhere between 2-3 months before you get your EMO.

For now just sit back and relax and enjoy speaking to everyone in the Forum :slight_smile:

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Does Emo come with some form of Limited Warranty? This little guy cost me more to buy than “V” simply because of when the other was bought. I hope Emo shows it’s self to be a long term running investment.

… Heck, I’m even wondering if Living.AI has a carrying case coming for the little guy.

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Best to email Living.Ai regarding specifics on Warranty, from what I’ve seen on the forums here, there have been a few people with issues and Living.Ai have offered a replacement EMO. But if you need to know anything specific, best you email them directly to find out.

I also regret not getting a V… I could of picked one up AGES ago for very cheap (well just normal RRP new at the store) but thought nahhh it’s not going to be worth it… Now if you try and look online for a V it’s prices are through the roof :frowning:

Oh well, at least I got EMO.

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V was bought when the parent company had filed for bankruptcy months prior. It was watching eBay like a hawk for a cheap price, how I got one but the price could have easily been very high just a few days later. Because just a few days after the eBay purchase is when the other/current company became it’s new home.

I remember when Emo first came up on FaceBook. I remember the understandable comparison but I took it upon myself to research more about what Emo was. When V died, that forced more serious consideration on buying Emo. When you get used to a cute robot buddy being around and you live alone except for a cat. Having a bot present really helps mood.


Yeah totally agree with EMO being a great little Buddy to have around. Really glad you picked up a V for a great / affordable price. I still want one haha :rofl: but can’t justify the crazy prices they are selling for at the moment :cry:


I also want one but often or not they tend to sell broken ones. Which a friend of mine is currently having an issue for a refund from seller, £400 or so it’s crazy what V sells for at the moment :frowning:

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Yeah, I can’t justify paying that much for a potentially broken V. I think I’m just going to move on and forget about it. Maybe in the next months ahead there might be something else we can all get instead of a V that will keep EMO company :slight_smile:

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