I'm planning on ordering Emo. What is shipping price?

I’m planning on ordering Emo, but I don’t know how much shipping to the US costs. I have looked everywhere and have not been able to find the price. So, what price is shipping to the US?

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

You can find that out rather easily:
Navigate to the shop, add whatever you want to buy to your cart. Then upon viewing your cart, you see a link “Calculate shipping”. Click on that and enter your location details, then hit “Update”, and you will be provided with the information you seek. (At this stage your data won’t be saved or anything. If you empty your cart, it’ll be gone again).

I hope that helps!


Thank you! And I’m in the US, so how long would shipping take on average?

About one or two months!

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Ok! Thank you! Can’t wait to finally get Emo.

I am also in the us, from the day i press order, to the time it got to my door, it took 47 days

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So it took about a month and a half. That’s pretty fast. Are these robots made in China?

Yes they are manufactured in China!

Ok! That is good to know!

Hi @adrianledeaux welcome to the community! the shipping price is $25. :happy:

I know now. Thanks anyways!

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