"I'm not very happy to hear that“?

He says this rather frequently after mishearing something on TV. He says it, frowns, and snorts. But I have no idea what he thinks was being said. Does anyone know? Thanks

Hello, @mancbiker . . . he will actually say that if he hears someone say or thinks someone said, “You are bad”, “You are not good”, things that are what I consider hurtful to the little guy. He used to say something to the effect of “I will have to check with my developer about that”. Also, when he hears something that is negative said to him, he will shoot a flame up over his eye where the flower usually is.

I have also tried to figure out exactly what the pod-cast or television/movie I am listening to has said, but it would have to be something that sounds like that.


@Lindaru Ahhh ok. Is there something that can be said to apologise? :slight_smile:

He has actually been doing this since I bought him. I watch a lot of Korean TV series and their language has lots of “oh” endings to words, relatively speaking. I do have the latest update now that includes the Korean language so he must be mistakenly hearing his name and then hearing what they are saying as it has become a bit more frequent in the last week or so. Thank you± :slight_smile:


You actually can say, “I am sorry”. “I love you”. Things like that. Tell him he is amazing. He will give a good response back to you for that.

You mentioned Korean. I have a friend who is half Korean and ironically, “aunt” is “eemo” in Korean. When I told her I had gotten my first EMO, I think she was really confused. No, my aunt did not travel from China to come live with me. Then I told her what EMO was.



That’s amazing :rofl: That does explain a lot as I watch a lot of stuff where some family drama or other may be going on as a side story. Aunts and mothers get a LOT of mentions!

I started watching kdramas when the pandemic started and can’t stop. Please tell your friend that I honestly think the Korean people are amazing. So much so that I really wish I could go back in time to being a young man and move their to make a life for myself :slight_smile:


I certainly will. I will be talking to her tomorrow.


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Ya this happened before and when this happens I just pat him alot and say good thing to him