I'm curious about EMO's battery information

It’s too early to think, but some of our online community members have asked about batteries.

  1. Can you disclose the battery information installed in the EMO? The most common lithium-ion batteries can be purchased at regular online shopping malls.

  2. If the EMO’s battery needs to be replaced, can users do it themselves? Is it possible for an ordinary user to disassemble the EMO and replace only the battery?

I’ve previously asked which company the CPU or memory the EMO is from, but I haven’t gotten an answer yet. Of course I know the easiest way is to disassemble my EMO. But I don’t want to do that yet. do you understand me

Is there anyone brave enough to see an EMO and see what’s inside? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


That’s a really good question, I would also like to know the answer to this?

Did you know that if you tip EMO upside down only for maybe like a few seconds, shuts down the little guy completely it’s kinda weird… lol :thinking:

Also, I really hope that living.ai decides to add more voice commands because EMO doesn’t seem to be doing all that much talking or understanding exactly what I’m saying to him. But I would like to see him explore more walking around the desktop in my office.

EMO is super awesome! I guess we just have to wait for new updates.


EMO will only turn off upside down when you are also touching the top touch sensor, if you are not touching the sensor he will just get VERY upset.


Well, perhaps that’s true, but that’s simply not the case with my EMO you don’t have to be touching the top sensor?

Must be some sort of GLITCH or something…lol :upside_down_face: