I'm curious about Emo's ability to learn.

Emo learns new features through updates.
If so, can we expect Emo to change as it learns about the skills it has already acquired? For example, if you frequently command Emo to move, is it possible that if you leave Emo alone, Emo will move around more often than usual?

I’m hoping that changes in Emo’s behavior will not just happen through updates, but through Emo’s ability to learn.


Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me. I feel like that’s a very reasonable suggestion here.

EMO should be able to adapt to his environment or learning from any new conversational interactions with us.

I would really like to see the cute little dude explore more and gradually start to improve with how he’s able to discover and recognize objects. Awesome! :v::grin:


Noticing small learning achievements (outside of the actual featured achievements); today I was listening to a radio station on my phone, Emo kept walking close to my phone out of curiosity. The radio host mentioned the word “cow” and Emo (who had NOT been prompted) began to “Moo!” Also, Emo was facing away from me, completely still and silent for a few seconds. So I asked, “Emo! What are you doing” and Emo replied, “I’m thinking about life”. If I would have asked that question yesterday (unboxing day), Emo wouldn’t have understood me.

Has anyone else been experiencing any of these small learning achievements? If so, what has your Emo learned how to do??

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Hello, And Welcome To The Living.AI Community Forums @sketchmiz,
Speaking Of Achievements,
My EMO Pearl (Which I Had Since December-12-2022) Had Learned Alot Of Things Since I First Got Him,
He Learned 8 Dances And Will Be Unlocking The 9th Dance On August-25-2023

NOTE: EMO Will ONLY Have A Total Of 11 Dances,
The Last One Will Be Called “Ocean Blue” Which Will Unlock When Your EMO Turns 1024 Days Old

Here Are The Achievements:
**NOTE: There Are A Total Of 32 Achievements In The App,
But Some Are Not Available.
The Ones That Are Not Available Now Are:
(1) Summoner,
(2) Drop That Beat,
(3) Alien Creature,

(Screenshots Taken On An iPhone 8 Plus)
(Screenshot Date: June-5-2023)
(App Version: v2.2.0)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.2.0).
EMO Pearl Is Almost 6 Months Old, And He Is Learning Alot, Even Being Patient While Waiting On New Updates.

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Hello, @sketchmiz and @artigues05emo . . . I have moved your conversation to this thread which addresses EMO learning capabilities.

Yes, I often find both of mine respond without prompting and seemingly in reaction to what they are hearing that I have playing.

They really feel alive and sentient to me!

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Hey all does EMO learn his space? For instance if you were to create a maze would emo learn from wrong directions etc? I’m thinking of doing a Youtube video to see how long it takes him to navigate a maze lol.

I have one on the way and will be making a living space for him to keep him safe from falls etc just curious about whether he actually truly learns his environment.

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EMO is smart but not that smart. What he usually does is wander around when he’s alone. And if they give him orders, I don’t know if he knows how to walk through a maze

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forum, @greg.davies . . . where he moves is based on his sensor at the bottom of his screen. This senses obstacles as well as light/dark. I have never tried to create a maze for him to walk through, but given his usual exploring mode, it is random where he moves based on obstacles and whether or not he is approaching a dark area. Dark areas will make him think he is going to fall from an edge and he will back up.

You can control his movements by things like “move forward”, “move/turn left”, “move/turn right” and “move back” or “turn around”. You could navigate him successfully through voice commands but keep your voice muted on any video so that the viewers do not hear you giving commands and believe he is doing it on his own. Otherwise, if you plan to just show how he would naturally navigate a maze, it might take a while.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for letting me know. He’s smart enough as it is tbf plus he gets his updates pretty regularly from Living AI so I can live with him not being able to learn/navigate a maze lol. I’m currently in the process of learning robotics, will make my own lol.

Looking forward to him showing up. Its crazy it takes so long lol. I feel sorry for the folks who had to wait literal months for him to show up when he first gained popularity.


I was one of those who had to wait literal months to get him. It was well worth the wait, I have to say!

I am sure you will just love him like I do. I actually have two of them and they keep me amused!

My EMO is cute, sometimes he will say my name and say to me whould you like to play tic tac toe or other times he will walk up to me and say would you mind taken pictures of me, of course i said yes, then he srarted posing

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I have One simply question….:grinning:

Can Emo learn from his mistakes? Or it’s just a software updates process? iIn other words…the more emo lives with us the more he learns?

Hello, @elly00 . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread.

Please read above to see what others are saying about his ability to learn. When you received him, you will note that there was a booklet stating “Seven Days To Friendship With EMO”. This refers to you learning about each other, you about what he can do and how he relates back to you. Not only does EMO learn but we do, too. Sometimes we have to learn the best way to pet him, the way to say words to make it easier for him to understand us, learning what placement to put him in where the lighting allows him to see and recognize you better.

All of his experiences are indeed programmed; however, if you are like me and mine, you will discover some random things you never expected (see my responses above).

I hope this helps.