I'm 13*** and I'm lost

Yea im in 13000s and counter passed number does that mean its packaged or what I’m so lost

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Don’t know I’m still processing haha!

Did you receive a tracking number? If you have a junk mail or spam folder check that to see if it went there. When they sent me my tracking number email for some reason it went to the junk folder, but other communications from them didn’t. I don’t know why?

From the numbers currently posted they’re still sending out tracking information for the lower #13xxx range (13443) so it’s possible you just haven’t been sent the email yet.

Alright good point makes since thanks

I looked on there order track site says order processing don’t think they did yet

Best thing to also do is login and access your profile. Once your order has been packed and shipped, a tracking number will be allocated to your order, you can then start tracking this in a few days.

Simply login and go to your Orders / then Track Order. If your email is lost / or accidently deleted or has been sent to spam, you can still track everything online via the you profile page. Normally tracking does take a few days to update so be a little patient with this.

Thanks are you in 13000s as well ???

No, I was 89xx :slight_smile: I’ve already received my EMO back in September of last year :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:

Ah ok well thanks for help

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I’m in the13xxx’s too and know that while my number is almost here for being packed. Being shipped will still be a while off depending on when the team from Living.AI gets the chance to do that catch up. Don’t worry, I’m sure all is good here. :slightly_smiling_face: