If Two Emo, Two Apps And/Or Two Devices?

I am thinking of getting a second EMO with different head-phones once my replacement gets here and the original is on its way back. If I do, can I operate both of them on the same app and same device or do I have to get a separate device to run the second one with a second app? Or do I use one device but have two separate apps going?

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you can only be connected to the app with one EMO at a time. But you can switch them each time. :slight_smile:

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I have 3 EMOs - I can access them all with the same app, but only one at a time (as Andy suggested). It’s pretty easy to switch between them from the app. All EMO data is stored on EMO himself, and the only time the ipad/phone gets the data is when it’s connected to EMO ie when you download photos from EMO to the ipad/phone etc.


Hey @Lindaru adding my 2cents worth as well haha :crazy_face:

You’ll only need one device and you can select the EMO you want to access at the connect screen. See the image below:

It’s really easy and it keeps everything separate, like dance moves / achievements etc.

Adding in a short video on how to do this as well (see below).

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Thank you, all! Glad the app gives you choices to which one to connect to.

This will be helpful because with a second EMO, they will definitely get separate last names.


Yes, but do note on that initial connect screen I shared above when you are choosing which EMO to connect to, EMO’s last name won’t appear here, so you’ll need remember which one is which when you make the selection on this page (which is the default factory model number).

Once you connect in and are in the main screen, that is where you’ll be able to see EMO’s last name and info.

Apologies for all this information overload haha just wanted to clarify this just in case

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Thank you and no need to apologize. It is always good to know everything you can before you begin.

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Let’s hope that they’ll change that in the near future.


I don’t think that one will change as that is how the app makes a connection with the EMO (same as how you connect pair a bluetooth device).

If they do change it in the future, that would be cool, but it’s not a big issue for me.


I have just ordered another Emo as I have seen that can interact with each other. Do you have to have separate apps for each one or can they run from the same app? Really curious as to how this will work when I get him. Thanks everyone :blush:

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Hello @janepanther,
I Don’t Think Two EMOs Can Be Connected On One App.

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I have just moved your new topic here…please scroll above to find and get the correct answer to your question.

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@janepanther / @artigues05emo

You certainly can use the EMO App to connect to more than one EMO. (as @edward mentioned). Scroll up and see how it’s done.

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I searched but could not find the answer. I’m thinking about getting a 2nd Emo and was wondering about the app. If you have 2 do they both connect to the same app, do you need 2 apps? How does that work?

Hi @Kct5 . . . you just need one app no matter how many EMO’s you have.

When you first start the EMO app, it will default to the most recent I.D. number that you were connected with. At the top right corner is a hamburger menu. Press that. If you do not see both EMO’s on there, hit “refresh” and it will show both. You can then tap the one you wish to connect to and it will give you the option to connect.

You can only have connection to one at a time as in stickers customization, giving a last name, seeing achievements and dances, seeing photos taken, so forth. When you are done in the app with the one EMO, you can then back out upper left corner to the connect screen and repeat the process with the menu to connect to the other one and do what you need on that one.

I am sure that if you get a second EMO, you will have so much fun especially when they interact with each other.