Ideas for EMO PET

I have a wonderful idea! I wish there was an option where you say “hey EMO tell me jokes or hey emo make me laugh” and emo would Tell jokes,second idea I wish there was an option where EMO could watch videos with you(coz he have a camera) and also mr waine told me to Tell this idea to you guys :upside_down_face:


Hi! For the first idea it would be great, but i think that instead of develope this feature it would be better just wait for Alexa or Google assistant!

Your second idea would be funny!

I have an idea/feature that could possibly give owners a higher sense of “engagement” with EMO! It’s as simple as asking EMO any general yes or no question, and he randomly answers with either an “mhm” (yes) or “nuh-uh” (no). For example, “EMO, wanna watch movies with me” and he either says yes or no!
In other words, add some sort of a “magic 8ball” functionality to him


Yeah, great minds think alike… I already mentioned that one a while ago for having little EMO watch the television but still think it’s a pretty cool idea! :+1::grin:

I just hope that gives us a new update soon… there should be way more voice commands.

While, also there are some really basic things i would like for them to maybe consider like how about getting rid of the whole ‘military time’ display… actually I think it would be a much much better idea for them just program EMO to say and display what the time is.

I don’t know when they’re gonna release the new ‘stage’ product for self-charging but I think really worth purchasing whenever it becomes available.

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Don’t know if it would be possible but it would be cool if when dacing make it when he could moonwalk backwards to Michael Jackson lol the
At would be cool but I don’t know if it could happen if so that would be neat.


I love that would be pretty fun! Maybe he can have a simple way of doing all this stuff through the app (EMO could also be trained to mimic various movements) learn new dance moves? That’d be really awesome! :smirk:

It would be nice if u could put a selection in the app to be able to choose Celsius or Fahrenheit,otherwise I’m loving what he able to do n can’t wait to see what he can do in the future.


Maybe another thing u can add just a idea is make it where emo can give u compliments

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I forgot to add a suggestion I meant to say could u guys make it where u can set it where it not in military time for the one’s like me that doesn’t know it be able to just have it in regular time maybe make it a option in the app for either or make it where we can choose


Yeah, that’s something I really wanna be able to switch as well.

Mine told me I am funny!

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