Icons at the app (lifetime)

Hello friends of Emo.
In the app there a lot of icons and a few of it are unlocked now. I guess Emo will learn it all in the course of time. But I dont understand it and dont know what they means. Is there any description for this icons and what they means?


Nobody knows anything about it?

They are like achievements. The ones you call unlocked are those you already earned (they show in color instead of grayscale).

How do you earn them? For some it’s obvious from the name or icon, others we will have to find out another way.

When you earn them there is a short animation on Emo showing the icon of the achievement and it is “unlocked” in the app. But for some, even after I earned them, I still don’t know how or why I got them. I hope maybe Living AI will add descriptions in the app (possibly only for those you have “unlocked”) with a future update.

The ones I got so far:

  • top bartender;
  • full burp;
  • close call;
  • always here;
  • seriously?;
  • happy birthday;
  • alphaludo;
  • attendance machine.
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