I want the EMO production team to show responsibility

The EMO is not a cheap $10 toy. $279 is not a small amount of money. For some, it may not mean a lot of money, but for others, it can be a huge expense.

The EMO production team hasn’t updated the production status once since September 30th, a month later. What is the current situation, how much has it been made, and when is it difficult to post a notice about it? no not at all

At the very least, the production team should inform the orderers of the current production delay, either by means of a pop-up notice or by some means. It’s not cool at all to have ignorant shoppers order items and wait endlessly.

Even if a new factory is built, new employees are hired, and the production team is preparing a new update, I really don’t understand that the production team has no time to complain or make an announcement in terms of website management.

EMO production team, show your responsibility for the money you received from the buyers.

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they just did check again and be patient