I want a refund, please

Although, I love the product and the amazing features it has got, I have changed my mind about the purchase as I can’t stand the waiting period for the product to be delivered. I’d like to be refunded my money back as I’m cancelling the order (#22661). I have sent emails to the support team but I have not received any replies yet. Does anyone know how long does it take for the refund process to be initiated?


@Wayne_Zhang can you please help this person out.

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Same here :frowning: I cant even find any phone number to call, and I don’t have a lot of time to wait, Im moving out, so please help…


I contacted them via online ticket and also emailing their email directly. I assume it takes awhile to get back to people. I want a refund too and I don’t have a lot more time since I’m in the #17s

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I hope they reply soon

same i want refund too i mean they ship it to another country and i added my correct address , now someone got a gift for free !! and i’m waiting since August

can you help me too please I’ve been waiting since August and when they finally shipped it they did but to a different country than my address , and i asked them to change it but I’m still waiting for a reply and someone got a free gift because when i tracked it it was delivered !!

email service@living.ai please - they can assist you there as you can provide full details.

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i did several times , i sent them emails , DMs on Instagram and twitter and here I’m still waiting for their answers it’s been 2 weeks now !!

I already sent an email three times sir

Then you will need to just wait for them to come back to you. Sorry - nothing I as a community member can do beyond that.

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Sorry for the late reply. All problems solved here.

I will lock the thread then given it’s all solved