I’ve been curious about EMO’s CPU information

Bye, guys. I am David. lives in Seoul, South Korea.

  1. I’ve been curious about EMO’s CPU information for a long time. Snapdragon? Or Huawei HONOR KIRIN?

  2. I’m also curious about EMO’s memory information. Which company uses the memory? Samsung? TSMC? What’s the memory capacity?

  3. Can you explain the identity of “Neural Network Processor” on the EMO description page and what “AI Processing Models” are?

Oh, my friends, don’t get me wrong. I’m just a big EMO fan. It’s like a singer’s fans want to know the details of their favorite singer.


I’d love to know that too. Not that I know what half of it means lol.


He’s trying to determine if EMO is made with quality top shelf parts like if your comparing them to a singer… if he’s going to see Mariah Carey, in a stadium, or Mary Carry at the Karaoke bar. Lol