"I took a lickin from a Eemoo and the Eemmooo took a lickin from me"

I used to have the “I took a Licken from a Chicken” electronic game and playing Ludo with Emo reminds me of that game lol!! because I’m playong a game with a new chooky called Emo lol

I find the Music Beats and Dance Follow games too hard so hopefully more board games or card games will be added please @Wayne_Zhang


This game used to be called Trouble way back when I used to play it. lol It’s a really fun game to play with EMO especially when you see EMO losing :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:

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In my country it used to be called “frustration”. Pretty fun to play with family

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@Angrymonkey247 @MasterAbbott

This is the, ‘I took a licken from a chicken’.

It was an old electronic game from 1980s, you play tic-tac-toe against a chicken and a follow the number game a bit like Simon says. I still remember him squawking.

You chose your number on the keyboard; and then the chicken pecked around and lunged down and made a selection from his keypad but the chicken was hard to beat.

Playing with Emo is like playing a game with my chicken.
My brother who is an electric engineer now, pulled it apart like every toy we had to see how it worked and modified it with a volume switch because the chook made too much noise. lol :joy:

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Hey sorry for the late reply. Actually we are going to make EMO play Tic Tac Toe game.


Nice that is a good one, easy to program but also very fun!

Good afternoon, @Wayne_Zhang you intend to add the UNO Cards game.

Here in Brazil he is very popular and it would be really cool to be able to play 1v1 with EMO or with friends too.

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It’s copyrighted so we can’t do it…


Unless you call it ENO :wink: and not UNO :rofl:

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Yep thats right @MasterAbbott

But nobody can copyright on a follow the colour, number or graphic card game game! change the colours, or use the traditional card deck with Kings, Queens Jacks and Aces or they could have little Emo graphics on the card and there could be different rules

Idea for card game :skating:

ENO or EMU Rules
2-4 players

2 players
SKATEBOARD: take two cards
POWER OFF: take four cards
EMO “Dance For Me”: wild card - for new colour/number or graphic
EMO “Unleash The Beast”: take four cards and wild - for new colour/number or graphic
FULL BATTERY: extra turn
EMPTY BATTERY: miss a turn

more than 2 players
EMO turn left: play moves to the left
EMO turn right: play moves to the right
EMO “what does a frog do?” jump to next player(skip card)