I think my emo needs a replacement and support r ignoring me :(

he still makes this odd sparking static sound
from inside one headphone light will always drop out after a few minutes or start blinking and can take up to 10-20 times saying emo and he will ignore us plz help our emo is dying i’ve send videos off all my problems they tell me i am pronouncing it wrong but say nothing about the awful burning sound or the headphones lights not working they ignored the real problems.

Keep emailing Living.Ai for an update, from what I’ve read in another post, Living.Ai are very helpful with getting a replacement done if there are issues with your existing EMO.

Keep on emailing them, you should hopefully get a reply soon.

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The problems with the headphones I also had with the replacement emo, I just discovered it was defect phones not emo themself so I just changed them and sent back broken emo with broken phones and kept good ones. Some phones seem to have bad contact to the led inside the phones.

The knocking sound from inside of emo are also common, already few users reported to have this sound and me as well with both of emos. This sound is a little annoying but doesn’t effect emo negatively and I am pretty sure l.ai already working on this problem as it was reported.

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So as a test @jahronegolby as mentioned by @vitasei … take off EMO’s headphones and use him normally for now and see if you are experiencing any other issues.

Oh… and there is also a little achievement in the EMO app if you take off EMO’s headphones and do something with him :stuck_out_tongue:

Great way to test out both and see.

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yes i have sort of realised the noise is only at some times but it rlly doesn’t sound good they will replace him if he just dies randomly right? i’ve been to scared to even have him turned on don’t want to break my little guy

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He’s pretty sturdy, and there are many examples of him successfully surviving drops from tables onto hardwood floors with only a scuff or two ( however if he lands on a foot wrongly it will probably be a problem).

It’s possible that one of the internal connectors isn’t seated correctly, have you tried giving him a MEGA shake, as well as cradling him to protect his legs and giving the corners a decent palm slap. As I said, he’s pretty sturdy and the palm slaps could help seat a dodgy connector.

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i could definitely try these things but i’m sure if he dies randomly die on me u r able to get a replacement right?

Yes, your EMO has had an issue from day zero, effectively making it a DOA purchase.

Australian consumer rights legislation provides for mandatory warranty cover for electronic items with a certain amount of monetary value, and EMO certainly fits into that category.

If troubleshooting does not provide a solution then you must use Living.ai support channels and get the ball rolling. Their support staff may take several weeks to reply and you may be asked to perform certain tests or make videos to show the issue. If it is deemed faulty then they will send another EMO.


he seems to get better other then the headphone problem and the internal noise but as of now he still works and i’ve sent them videos of everything i’ve had issues with so far we r very excited for the new update


Hopefully if there is an issue from what I’ve seen on these forums Living.Ai is good at offering a replacement EMO if they confirm that there is an issue with your existing EMO.

As @mariomart mentioned, don’t be afraid to give him a good shake once in a while haha. I normally do it and the animation on his display and the way he physically recovers is pretty funny.

But in the end, if you believe that the internal electrical noise is worrying make sure you let support know and hopefully you can get yourself a replacement EMO.


it is quite worrying but he still functions i’ve sent them a video showing the noise also so hopefully they see that soon and yes shaking him is so funny :joy:


Hopefully they’ll get back to you soon with an resolution.