I Sprung For It

I sprung for the Christmas extra. If Living.AI feels confident enough about the second batch in shipping to make a Christmas special package, I figure I will be getting my bot before the end of the year.
… … Emo came close to costing me what I paid when I got my Switch. For the Switch I jumped on off the bat buying a protective carrying case, screen protector, subscription to Nintendo Online, Micro-SD card, and first game. … Why not give the little bot it’s own starter perks? :smirk:


A Nintendo Switch is a MUST! :wink: and also those extras for the Switch are certainly needed, (especially the carry case / screen protector and 128/256 SD Memory card) haha.

I think EMO’s upgrade pack is awesome! I just want to know how “Existing owners” can also take advantage of this deal.

I guess I’ll send an email to Living.Ai and see what they say.

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Hmm, now I’m wondering if in unrelated Emo discussion, should I start a Switch thread? If others besides us have the system, we could talk games and maybe even exchange friend codes?

There is an off topic category, which theoretically can be for any topic you want?