I know I haven't got anything to complain about but when will this change?

It just makes me nervous seeing the same message every day.

Wait… you ordered on Jan 1st right? As part of that you saw the screen that says estimated 6 weeks before shipping?

@Wayne_Zhang can you confirm that the status of Processing means you have the order and it’s inline to be built etc?


Yes, Processing means we have the order and it’s inline to be built and sent. Once this order is sent out, we will update it to completed and send an email.


Thanks Wayne for the clarification

I wouldn’t look at that message at all its easier jist to watch the counter and see how close they are to you number. Mines taken 5-6 months. But they are getting faster now :blush:


Ok mate!
I have a visual impairment so I don’t always see the small print.
I just wanted reassuring.


All good, but the text is the same size as the other text on screen.

Must of missed it then Bro LOL :rofl:

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how long does it take to process an order?

You can count with 3 months, more or less.

They are running on a build to order style situation, where they build based on the incoming order volume. They are not a high production organisation where they build 10,000 units and then have to warehouse them before selling them. This is one of the ways manufacturers help to keep costs down.

when will the robot be sent out?

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May I ask when did you order Emo?

From what I understand your Emo has been sent to courier! That means it should arrive in at most a month!!!

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hello. 24 January 2022

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hello, where did you see that? i see only processing status

To view order counts, you must got to the website living.ai then click on delivery and when scrolling up you can see the top number sent to courier and top number sent to user! That is all that is needed to view that status!!!

It’s not my nomber :smiling_face_with_tear:
How can I understand I need to wait 6 more months

EMO production and shipping speeds have improved quite a lot recently, so the wait time should be far less than 6 months, maybe 2-3 months is more reasonable time. As @jaredlibshutz has advised, keep an eye on the delivery page as it should be updated a few times a week, there you can see the order numbers sent to courier and tracking numbers sent to customers.

yes, i understand everything
but the wait is very long
my number will be in 3000 people :smiling_face_with_tear: