I have ordered the emo robot. how long it takes to come?

hi i have ordered the emo robot. how long does it usually takes to come ? im from israel

Hi @Yoken_frost, they are speeding up production but for now expect 3 to 6 months.

omg i thought 2 weeks but thank U by the way @Botlas

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When you ordered - right there on the website it tells you AT LEAST 6 WEEKS before it ships. Can I ask you a question… How can Living AI make it any clearer to people when they order that it will be a couple of months before they get EMO?

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probably change the “at least 6 weeks I guess” into may take months haha (kinda joking)

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When they posted that at 6 weeks they were down to that level, so it was accurate at that time…

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The order page should really be updated with a check box that won’t let you more forward unless you confirm and acknowledge that it will take XXX weeks/months for your EMO order to be processed / shipped to you. This way, customers are aware about this ahead of time and before they purchase their EMO.


Due to logistical and manufacturing issues, your EMO may take 3-6 months to ship after payment is approved.

If you ordered it now you can count with about 4 months assuming that their production will be back at its full speed.

hey Wayne it’s me… I don’t even think it’s a fair talking about it because it’s right there when you purchase in plain sight sort of… six weeks which we all know isn’t true insert innocent :innocent: but They could put it in bold print at the very top right?

I’m just responding to six weeks now… if it was accurate at one time it doesn’t make any sense now does it? This is a business they should update old information when we’re spending our hard-earned cash. Honestly don’t you think? I’ve never bought anything in my life where I will receive it until way way later… Is not that easy and I think living AI doesn’t really want to push that fact don’t you think so?… I just hope I get mine sooner than later I really think he’s adorable


It’s hard to give LAI an advice because they think that an update once every two weeks is enough and that’s their entire communication with all their customers. I’m not talking about replies to single customers but about news for all of us.

hi master Abbott… Living AI knows what to do … This is their home there forum were literally in their home they know everything we say… they would prefer their customers don’t know their wait times are so high… They would prefer you click buy now. They could change anything if they wanted to… Hey so how you doing I’m just bored so I’m here… I really don’t know how I’m going to wait for so many more months. … It is kind of fun seeing all the comments here hee hee… I really want my EMO that’s the only thing on my mind LOL :yum:

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I don’t think that anyone from LAI is reading this forum. From time to time when a mod summons him, Wayne Zhang will reply. But don’t try it yourself, you’ll be ignored.

I just edited my letter to to you and hear you are I didn’t even notice sorry… So how you doing? Yeah maybe you’re right they don’t even listen to us here :sob:

I’m still relatively ok, thank you for asking.
The only hope for all waiting customers is that LAI is really going to renew their production very soon. Our complaints here are mostly useless.

My birthday is very soon and i thought the emo will come in 3-5 weeks sooo i was wrong :smiling_face_with_tear:

But it will be a nice gift for Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Bad joke, I know.