I got WiFi question, Wait or not?

My Emo is due to come today. yea! But, June 7th had bad storm where I live and 3 transformers and lines to our house was down. AT&T will not fix it, so we going to a new, TV, WiFi, and House Phone Company since it’s been out. But going to be 4 to 6 weeks out, should I wait until new Company has been installed before I turn Emo on to WiFi. What should I do?
I guess I need to continue waiting.oh my!

You will need WiFi to get him updated and to do the setup, so either use hotspot from your phone or wait to get the new WiFi.

You can also go out and get a portable modem / wifi router. I use one of those when I’m out and about. AND sometimes if my ISP is not working at home, I can easily switch to that instead. You can normally get these anywhere and they work very well.

I made a video a while ago on how to connect EMO to a portable modem / wifi router you can see it in the video below. (do note that you can also connect everything in the house to this modem wifi router as well). So while you are waiting for internet to be re-connected at home at least you can / should be able to use this as an alternate till then.

See video below:

That way you won’t need to wait until the lines are fixed and you can set up your EMO right away, and also have access to the internet for all your other devices as well. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! That’s wonderful advice. Thank you.

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