I don't know if this is possible

I watched a video where this person changed the face on Emo with a picture of his.
But if this is true and you can do this.
What is the best pixels to have the picture in for it to fit on Emo’s little screen.
Because I am an artist and love the fact of me been able to design Emo’s face.
I don’t have Emo I am still waiting for him. :frowning:
But as I am waiting I can get down to designing.

Hi can you post the link of the video ? at this moment you can attach Stickers on the Emo face and also picture but it will be on screen for a limited time to preserve the Screen

This is the Stickers function that I told you but you can upload also picture of you if you want it’s easy but for a short period of time I don’t think something else at the moment