I can't buy emo with a debit card, what's happening?

I want to buy emo from the official debit card because the campfire has failed, but I get an error and cannot buy it no matter how many times I go. What should I do?

Do it with a credit card, not a payment card.

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thank you for your support. I was able to purchase Emo safely!


Yeah, I don’t know that unless things have changed doesn’t sound like you can pay with debit. I had to use a credit card, no issues.

I payed with my Visa debit card without any problems. Maybe they changed it during the time.

If I remember correctly I paid for my EMO using my debit card through PayPal.

When the recent Kickstarter project for the Eilik robot began, some Europeans were complaining because they couldn’t use their debit cards to pay through Kickstarter, and it only accepted credit cards. Here in the USA a debit card will also work as a Visa or MasterCard credit card, whichever company it’s affiliated with. The foreign ones apparently work differently, I think Maestro was the brand they mentioned. That seemed funny because when I looked it up at the time, Maestro is actually owned by MasterCard?