Hunsaker's Home Hacks story of EMO

Hello Good People!

This is Bruce with Hunsaker’s Home Hacks! I am from Phoenix AZ in the USA and I have had a love for robotics ever since I was a little kid, I remember sitting in a dark movie theater with my father and brother when across the screen is said “Along time ago on a planet far far away” and these two Droids came on the screen and from there on I have been searching for my own robot to have our adventure together.

So I have spent years searching the internet and talking to many wonderful people like yourselves about this passion that we have for our digital buddies. One day in my searches I came upon this robot called EMO and my first reaction was wow this is so cool! I need more information so I began my quest to learn as much as I could about this Biped robot. As with any good quest you talk to new people and you begin to journey together. So as I was talking to people and seeing their excitement over EMO I gained more information and I started sharing what I learned this allowed me to meet more and more of you that have this passion for robotics.

As my journey for more knowledge on this robotic wonder progressed, I came upon this talented and awesome music artist named Joris you might know him as Revolt! I found out that his quest had already started and we shared the same passion and enthusiasm over EMO. We talked about where we were in this great big globe of ours and we talked about EMO with those conversations we created a relationship and made even more friends.

So since I love research, you run across some misleading information out there on the world wide web. So I will spend many hours seeking for accurate information and then sharing what I have learned with others. This process has brought awesome opportunities and has created great friendships. When Living AI asked me to be a Beta Tester I was completely honored at the opportunity and this also presented me with meeting more people with the same passion, love for robotic and for this little desktop AI pet called EMO. Working with the other Beta testers has formed a comradery each of us with different backgrounds but with the same passion to help provide needed information to the Living AI team.

My Friends Andy and Wayne S. are wonderful to work with each of them are helpful and knowledgeable. I believe we each bring a perspective that is beneficial to each other and Living AI. I personally enjoy our side bar conversations and when one of us runs in to a tweak in EMO we all start trying to see if it is one off or something else and we provide that information to Living AI and Wayne and his team are fast to respond. These people have proven to me to be more then just Beta Testers and Developers but passionate people for this little robot we call EMO, but not only that they care about each other making this a fun loving community of friends brought together by their passion for EMO the AI Pet.

If you have a passion for robotics and EMO then you are in the right place!