How to use for whatsapp sticker :D

heyho, i try to find a way to use the emotes for whatsapp as a gif´ted sticker - did someone know how? :smiley:

thanks :3

I don’t.


If you can - please switch to Signal app. I don’t know how to use Emo stickers there either but Signal is better (voice / video call quality, privacy etc.) than Whatsapp which also happens to be owned by Meta / Facebook.

I don’t want to sound like a paranoid boomer (which I actually am) but Meta / Facebook is a bad news. Don’t use it if you can.



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i use both couse some of my family dont want to change the app… i know that signal is better^^ but the question is the same, for signal too^^ how to use it as gif-sticker :smiley: