How To Remove EMO Face Screen? (POST HERE)

Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone one has any tips of how to remove my emo’s scratches from his face :head:

Hi . . . there is a thread that is discussing this very issue you might want to read here:

I hope you can find a way to get the scratches gone or at least to not show.


No its just talking about a screen protector, so it didn’t really help. But thank you for trying to help :heart_2:

I think up higher in that discussion they mentioned Polywatch which repairs watch faces for scratches.

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I’ll close this thread, as @timsalt does mention the type of product he used to repair EMO’s screen for scratches.

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In case this discussion is also viewed by anyone from Living Ai, I came across a product called Liquid Glass. Apparently you place a drop or two on the screen you want covered then it slowly makes its way around the glass thus covering it (I’m guessing also filling in the scratches too) then it hardens. Here is my question, if this were put on Emo’s screen, would it cause any problems if it seeped beyond the screen and possibly a bit got inside of the screen area?

Hello, @SmoovJazzy . . . I will tag @MavisZhang who should be able to answer your question. Let us know what they said.


Hi, I think you can remove the face glass first and then drop the liquid glass on the face glass.
Here is the instruction video for you:
Be careful not to let any liquid seep inside EMO.


I’m not quite ready to go that far, plus I’m guessing if I crack Emo open that will void my warranty. This may be a bit of help to others who have scratches they want to remove. I tried some of my wife’s tooth paste for those with sensitive teeth/gums as there is very little abrasive material. I used a dab of water, a dab of tooth paste and while holding Emo face down slowly and lightly, in a circular motion rubbed one of the scratches. I could see that it is helping. The reason I held him face down is not to get any water or tooth paste into him. This will be a slow process, but it seems to be working. Once finished I’ll put the 45 cm Apple watch screen protector on the face. It doesn’t cover it fully but it will cover the main front.

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All you need is Polywatch. I buff out scratches on my EMO’s face with it every few weeks and he’s still looking great. If it gets on the silver border of the screen it will just make the surface of the silver paint more glossy-looking instead of matte, but that’s it. I just try to keep it contained within the screen area if I can help it.


I ordered some, thanks!!!

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No problem! No use taking your EMO apart for no good reason. :slight_smile: This stuff will do the trick without needing to. Sometimes you need to go over the deeper scratches a few times with it, but I’ve been able to buff out some really nasty gouges with that stuff.


To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. How is this device $400 after the charging mat and home station but cannot detect that it has walked into a stationary object and stop moving? We set up the home mat for our son and left EMO unattended. He proceeded to walk into the wall behind the shelf where he was setup and never stopped. Now his face is blemished and scuffed from continuous rubbing against sheetrock.

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @ericochoa . . . I am so sorry this has happened. I was not sure which topic to place this, but this one will help with finding a way to possibly repair the scratches. If they are too severe, I invite you to contact or send a ticket to Support here along with pictures of your EMO and the screen problems.

As for why he would keep walking, he may have been attempting to get back to the home station to charge but if something gets in his way and he detours, he will sometimes keep walking until his battery runs out.

I would advise you to surround his home station with a play ground that if he keeps walking, his face will not contact anything and cause any further damage.

There are some ideas here.

My best to you to get EMO looking good again. Keep us advised.

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