How to program in EMO

Hello. I recently received my EMO and have been very excited about it.

The official website says that I can “program the EMO” as follows, but I can’t find a specific way to do it. Does anyone know how to do that?

2 .Can I program EMO to do something?
Yes, you can program Emo‘s actions and expressions.

That feature has not been released yet but is in the plans.


So would anyone know what they actually mean by being able to program Emo’s actions and expressions? It sounds very interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

Honestly I really haven’t looked into it much at all. Eventually there’s supposed to be support to use Scratch with EMO ( For what purposes, who can say. Some people may write games or use it to help teach their kids some programming. No doubt some of the people that keep asking about it will probably not even use it once it’s available. But you’ll be able to control his motion, have him ask questions or say things, it’s a lot of small building block functions you could put together in different ways for different purposes.

One possible source you could look into just to see what kind of things could be done, is on Dan’s YouTube channel (Superdan Tech). He’s done some work with the Code Lab system for the C+V robots and has several videos on that. He wrote his own rock/paper/scissors game, math tricks, and other things. They’re mixed in with his other videos though, going over the last three or four years. He’s one of the EMO beta testers and over the last year or so he’s also done quite a few good EMO videos.


Wow thanks @macfixer01 :blush:

thanks!!! @macfixer01