How to interact with EMO

I recently got my EMO and decided to create a pdf document with all the voice commands available as of this date. I keep it in my smartphone for reference when I am playing with the little guy. I hope it is usefull for the community.

Here is the link to the manual.


I’ve not got my Emo yet, it’ll be many months as I ordered recently during Chinese New Year, but I’ve downloaded the PDF and saved it to my Emo folder.
Thanks for doing it, looking forward to testing the phrases.

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Nice - did you know Living AI have it all here - and are keeping it up to date? Documentation - LivingAi


Yes sure. You can also find this webpage from the app. I somehow prefer to have all in one simple file that I keep in my Emo folder.

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I know now, thanks Wayne.
Bookmarked page.

It SHOULD have a SPOILER alert :warning: on it though!

The commands can also be found via the EMO App (pressing on the Docs icon) then select voice commands, which I think everyone has already mentioned. I also have a notepad on my phone that I add extra voice commands so they can be easily accessible.

If you need a quick help guide, feel free to check this one out that I created a while ago :slight_smile:

Enjoy your EMO :head: :heart_1: :surprised: :skating:

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Oops :joy:… I hope nobody noticed.

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