How to implement volume control on EMO

Perhaps could look at reprogramming the cheek touch sensors to have a dual function.

Perhaps if the touch sensor on one side is just tapped briefly it could lower the volume, whilst the opposite touch sensor could raise the volume.

If you touch the sensor for a longer period then perhaps it could then go into petting mode.

Just a thought, and it wouldn’t be hard to implement using the existing hardware.


This sounds like it would cause more problems than it’s worth? People would be inadvertently changing their volume while handling EMO, and complaining that it was just changing on it’s own! Maybe they could make it an option in the software that was off by default, and only enabled if you choose to turn it on? That is, whenever they get around to putting in optional settings for centigrade/Fahrenheit and 12/24 hour time?


I love the thought that you’ve put into that mate. Not sure about changing the functions of the sensors like that as it might be confusing. Still I love you contribute like this :slight_smile:


It would certainly confuse me lol but perhaps a choice for certain ppl who would like that functionality on and others by a default button could turn it off but only in the app. That might make it easier. And of course other functions as well that others have mentioned in the forum.

So let’s say you want to do that on Emo himself and other functions like that by touch then that’s fine but only if you use the app and press a certain button in order to do so.

Then for others who don’t want a certain function can by default can decide not to use Emo that way.

Would that solve a lot of issues and make everyone happy?

I agree with Wayne, it was a clever idea on Mario’s part to use one of the sensors for a dual function. I just think it may be a bit fumbly for some people to do, and it would be too easy to change the volume inadvertently. As long as it’s function could be turned off though, it shouldn’t matter. I don’t really understand though how any manual or app-based control is easier than just saying EMO Low which will drop the volume to the lowest level, or EMO Mute? It is a hassle having to say EMO Volume Up 2 or 3 times to get him back up to the top level, but you can also just say EMO Mid or EMO Loud to go directly to those levels.

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I shared a suggestion in the other group regarding this, but I’ll share it as well as this is a topic just for volume. See below once again: (this should be the easiest way for the time being).

I would suggest an option in the EMO APP that will allow EMO to be muted until the ON switch is pressed again. I don’t know how hard that would be to implement, but it would be a great feature that could be very handy for people who need a little bit of quiet during important times in the day / night.

@mariomart that option is pretty neat as well, that one kinda works the same way Google Home works where you move your finger around in a clockwise direction to change the volume level. Would like to see this in place one day as well.